ATP URI Scheme#

The at URL scheme is used to address records in the ATP network.

atp-url   = "at://" authority path [ "#" fragment ]
authority = reg-name / did
path      = [ "/" coll-nsid [ "/" record-id ] ]
coll-nsid = nsid
record-id = 1*pchar

did is defined in

reg-name is defined in

nsid is defined in NameSpaced IDs (NSID).

pchar is defined in

fragment is defined in

The fragment segment only has meaning if the URL references a record. Its value maps according to "Field pathing" below.

Some example at URLs:

Repository at://
Repository at://did:plc:bv6ggog3tya2z3vxsub7hnal
Collection at://
Record at://
Record Field at://

Field pathing#

All fields in ATP records are addressed using JSON Pointers in the fragment section of the URL.

const obj = {
  "foo": 10,
  "arr": [
    { "key": "value1" },
    { "key": "value2" }

get(obj, '#/foo') // => 10
get(obj, '#/arr') // => [Object, Object]
get(obj, '#/arr/0/key') // => "value1"
get(obj, '#/arr/1/key') // => "value2"

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