com.atproto Lexicons

The links in this page redirect you to the canonical com.atproto lexicons in the TypeScript implementation of atproto. These are subject to change — we may modify and add lexicons over the course of protocol development. The most up-to-date version of all lexicons are in the atproto repository itself.


Definitions related to admin actions.

com.atproto.admin.defs 🔗

com.atproto.admin.disableAccountInvites 🔗

Disable an account from receiving new invite codes, but does not invalidate existing codes.

com.atproto.admin.disableInviteCodes 🔗

Disable some set of codes and/or all codes associated with a set of users.

com.atproto.admin.enableAccountInvites 🔗

Re-enable an accounts ability to receive invite codes.

com.atproto.admin.getInviteCodes 🔗

Admin view of invite codes.

com.atproto.admin.getModerationAction 🔗

View details about a moderation action.

com.atproto.admin.getModerationActions 🔗

List moderation actions related to a subject.

com.atproto.admin.getModerationReport 🔗

View details about a moderation report.

com.atproto.admin.getModerationReports 🔗

List moderation reports related to a subject.

com.atproto.admin.getRecord 🔗

View details about a record.

com.atproto.admin.getRepo 🔗

View details about a repository.

com.atproto.admin.resolveModerationReports 🔗

Resolve moderation reports by an action.

com.atproto.admin.reverseModerationAction 🔗


com.atproto.admin.searchRepos 🔗

Reverse a moderation action.

com.atproto.admin.sendEmail 🔗

Send email to a user's primary email address.

com.atproto.admin.takeModerationAction 🔗

Take a moderation action on a repo.

com.atproto.admin.updateAccountEmail 🔗

Administrative action to update an account's email.

com.atproto.admin.updateAccountHandle 🔗

Administrative action to update an account's handle.


Definitions related to account identity.

com.atproto.identity.resolveHandle 🔗

Resolve a handle.

com.atproto.identity.updateHandle 🔗

Update the handle of an account.


Definitions related to labels.

com.atproto.label.defs 🔗

Definitions for labels.

com.atproto.label.queryLabels 🔗

Find labels relevant to the provided URI patterns.

com.atproto.label.subscribeLabels 🔗

Subscribe to label updates.


Definitions related to moderation.

com.atproto.moderation.createReport 🔗

Report a repo or a record.

com.atproto.moderation.defs 🔗

Definitions related to moderation.


Definitions related to atproto repositories.

com.atproto.repo.applyWrites 🔗

Apply a batch transaction of creates, updates, and deletes.

com.atproto.repo.createRecord 🔗

Create a new record.

com.atproto.repo.deleteRecord 🔗

Delete a record, or ensure it doesn't exist.

com.atproto.repo.describeRepo 🔗

Get information about the repo, including the list of collections.

com.atproto.repo.getRecord 🔗

Get a record.

com.atproto.repo.listRecords 🔗

List a range of records in a collection.

com.atproto.repo.putRecord 🔗

Write a record, creating or updating it as needed.

com.atproto.repo.strongRef 🔗

A URI with a content-hash fingerprint.

com.atproto.repo.uploadBlob 🔗

Upload a new blob to be added to repo in a later request.


Definitions related to server behaviors.

com.atproto.server.createAccount 🔗

Create an account.

com.atproto.server.createAppPassword 🔗

Create an app-specific password.

com.atproto.server.createInviteCode 🔗

Create an invite code.

com.atproto.server.createInviteCodes 🔗

Create invite codes.

com.atproto.server.createSession 🔗

Create an authentication session.

com.atproto.server.defs 🔗

Definitions related to server behaviors.

com.atproto.server.deleteAccount 🔗

Delete a user account with a token and password.

com.atproto.server.deleteSession 🔗

Delete the current session.

com.atproto.server.describeServer 🔗

Get a document describing the service's accounts configuration.

com.atproto.server.getAccountInviteCodes 🔗

Get all invite codes for a given account.

com.atproto.server.getSession 🔗

Get information about the current session.

com.atproto.server.listAppPasswords 🔗

List all app-specific passwords.

com.atproto.server.refreshSession 🔗

Refresh an authentication session.

com.atproto.server.requestAccountDelete 🔗

Initiate a user account deletion via email.

com.atproto.server.requestPasswordReset 🔗

Initiate a user account password reset via email.

com.atproto.server.resetPassword 🔗

Reset a user account password using a token.

com.atproto.server.revokeAppPassword 🔗

Revoke an app-specific password by name.


Definitions related to cross-server sync.

com.atproto.sync.getBlob 🔗

Get a blob associated with a given repo.

com.atproto.sync.getBlocks 🔗

Gets blocks from a given repo.

com.atproto.sync.getLatestCommit 🔗

Gets the current commit CID & revision of the repo.

com.atproto.sync.getRecord 🔗

Gets blocks needed for existence or non-existence of record.

com.atproto.sync.getRepo 🔗

Gets the did's repo, optionally catching up from a specific revision.

com.atproto.sync.listBlobs 🔗

List blob cids since some revision.

com.atproto.sync.listRepos 🔗

List dids and root cids of hosted repos.

com.atproto.sync.notifyOfUpdate 🔗

Notify a crawling service of a recent update. (Often, when there's a long break between updates, it'll cause the connection with the crawling service to break.)

com.atproto.sync.requestCrawl 🔗

Request a service to persistently crawl hosted repos.

com.atproto.sync.subscribeRepos 🔗

Subscribe to repo updates.

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