app.bsky Lexicons

The links in this page redirect you to the canonical app.bsky lexicons in the TypeScript implementation of atproto. These are subject to change — we may modify and add lexicons over the course of protocol development. The most up-to-date version of all lexicons are in the atproto repository itself.

Definitions related to "actors," a general term for users in Bluesky. 🔗

A reference to an actor in the network, including profile view and content preferences. 🔗

A reference to an actor's profile in the network, including display name and avatar. 🔗

Get a profile for an actor. 🔗

Get profiles for a list of actors. 🔗

Get a list of actors suggested for following. Used in discovery UIs. 🔗

Find actors matching search criteria. 🔗

Find actor suggestions for a search term. 🔗

Sets the private preferences attached to the account. 🔗

Get private preferences attached to the account.


Definitions related to "embeds," content which is embedded within other records (e.g. links or images in posts).

app.bsky.embed.external 🔗

A representation of some externally linked content, embedded in another form of content.

app.bsky.embed.images 🔗

A set of images embedded in some other form of content.

app.bsky.embed.record 🔗

A representation of a record embedded in another form of content

app.bsky.embed.recordWithMedia 🔗

A representation of a record embedded in another form of content, alongside other compatible embeds.


Definitions related to content & activity published in Bluesky.

app.bsky.feed.defs 🔗

A reference to a feed.

app.bsky.feed.describeFeedGenerator 🔗

Returns information about a given feed generator including TOS & offered feed URIs.

app.bsky.feed.generator 🔗

A declaration of the existence of a feed generator.

app.bsky.feed.getActorFeeds 🔗

Retrieve a list of feeds created by a given actor.

app.bsky.feed.getActorLikes 🔗

A view of the posts liked by an actor.

app.bsky.feed.getAuthorFeed 🔗

A view of an actor's feed.

app.bsky.feed.getFeed 🔗

Compose and hydrate a feed from a user's selected feed generator.

app.bsky.feed.getFeedGenerator 🔗

Get information about a specific feed offered by a feed generator, such as its online status.

app.bsky.feed.getFeedGenerators 🔗

Get information about a list of feed generators.

app.bsky.feed.getFeedSkeleton 🔗

A skeleton of a feed provided by a feed generator.

app.bsky.feed.getLikes 🔗

Return the likes on a given object.

app.bsky.feed.getPostThread 🔗

Return a thread of posts.

app.bsky.feed.getPosts 🔗

A view of an actor's feed.

app.bsky.feed.getRepostedBy 🔗

Return a list of actors that reposted an object.

app.bsky.feed.getSuggestedFeeds 🔗

Get a list of suggested feeds for the viewer.

app.bsky.feed.getTimeline 🔗

A view of the user's home timeline. 🔗

Definition for a like. 🔗

Definition for a post.

app.bsky.feed.repost 🔗

Definition for a repost.


Definitions related to the social graph in Bluesky.

app.bsky.graph.block 🔗

Definition of a block.

app.bsky.graph.defs 🔗

A reference to a graph.

app.bsky.graph.follow 🔗

Definition of a social follow.

app.bsky.graph.getBlocks 🔗

Returns who the requester account is blocking.

app.bsky.graph.getFollowers 🔗

Returns a list of followers for an actor.

app.bsky.graph.getFollows 🔗

Returns a list of who an actor follows.

app.bsky.graph.getList 🔗

Fetch a list of actors.

app.bsky.graph.getListBlocks 🔗

Returns which lists the requester's account is blocking.

app.bsky.graph.getListMutes 🔗

Returns which lists the requester's account is muting.

app.bsky.graph.getLists 🔗

Fetch a list of lists that belong to an actor.

app.bsky.graph.getMutes 🔗

Returns who the viewer mutes.

app.bsky.graph.getSuggestedFollowsByActor 🔗

Get suggested follows related to a given actor..

app.bsky.graph.list 🔗

A declaration of a list of actors.

app.bsky.graph.listblock 🔗

A block of an entire list of actors..

app.bsky.graph.listitem 🔗

An item under a declared list of actors.

app.bsky.graph.muteActor 🔗

Mute an actor by did or handle..

app.bsky.graph.muteActorList 🔗

Mute a list of actors.

app.bsky.graph.unmuteActor 🔗

Unmute an actor by did or handle.

app.bsky.graph.unmuteActorList 🔗

Unmute a list of actors.


Definitions related to notifications.

app.bsky.notification.getUnreadCount 🔗

Get the number of unread notifications.

app.bsky.notification.listNotifications 🔗

Return a list of notifications.

app.bsky.notification.registerPush 🔗

Register for push notifications with a service.

app.bsky.notification.updateSeen 🔗

Notify server that the user has seen notifications.


Definitions for rich text.

app.bsky.richtext.facet 🔗

Definition for a facet.

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