Quick Start Guide

Bluesky PBLLC maintains a TypeScript protocol implementation. The API is available for use here.

To get started with this package, install:

npm install @atproto/api

To import this package in your application, use:

import { BskyAgent } from '@atproto/api'

Set your username and password as environment variables. Create a Bluesky agent and login with the below excerpt:

const agent = new BskyAgent({ service: 'https://bsky.social' })

await agent.login({
  identifier: process.env.BLUESKY_USERNAME!,
  password: process.env.BLUESKY_PASSWORD!,

To use this agent to create a post:

await agent.post({
    text: "Hello world"

View more sample API calls in the package documentation.

More Protocol Implementations

For libraries in more languages, visit the community projects page.


We publish blog posts on the Bluesky site here, for example:

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